Our Leadership Team

We look at things differently.

We are a people-based business working directly with you and your colleagues to deliver success.

Mark Simpson

Mark loves talking and has sometimes been known to know what he is talking about. He likes it best when he is working with customers to understand their challenges, their aspirations and how they can achieve their goals in a true Scottish-Cost-Effective way.

He seems to do a lot of this work over coffee and lunch but he tells us the best way to measure his performance is by counting the coffee shops where is known by name. If he’s not in the office he’s on a plane somewhere, sailing his boat or generally running around; it can be tiring to keep up!

Rick Cooper

If Mark is the glue, Rick is the rock of the company. One of the founding directors and most experienced Hyperion consultants around, he knows almost everything about delivering and managing Performance Management solutions.

He splits his time between getting his hands in on projects and managing the daily operations of our whole organisation. He is happiest on the water armed with his fishing rod and is often says he will soon be upgrading his little boat for something bigger. One day, Rick!

Steve Hitchman

One part of the Trinity, Steve has been a driving force at M-Power from the start. He founded the company with Rick and, as the oldest director, he’s definitely earned his role as the “Grumpy One”.

It is unlikely that there is anyone in Australia with a broader knowledge of what to do and what not to do in the Hyperion/Oracle BI universe. Fortunately, Steve is both willing to share his knowledge and learn from others. When not on the golf course, he can often be found looking after major projects and our implementation innovations.

Sue Bush

Sue is a process junkie and gets off on making sure people follow processes diligently. And we couldn’t be happier! Without Sue, things will not run smoothly for all of our support customers.

The core foundation of M-Power’s ethos is that we work in partnership with our customers to ensure business benefit. Sue drills these values into and across the whole of our team, in her trademark disarmingly charming way.

Sue is also the coffee and cake specialist in the office so next time you meet her make sure it’s at a coffee shop, she knows all the best places!

Ahmed Hafez

Ahmed grew up aspiring to be a professional soccer player but lucky for us, he turned out to be better at being a Technical Consultant and Leader!

So, while Ahmed continues to hold out for his ambition of becoming a professional soccer player, he runs our national technical team. His team covers all technical aspects from Cloud deployments to installs, upgrades and performance tuning. Ahmed’s unique mix of technical genius and people-friendly manner is what makes him special.

Luke McDermott

Luke is usually found with a big smile on and possesses a truckload of infectious enthusiasm for his craft. Nothing makes him happier than talking about dashboard colour schemes, data integration techniques or enterprise information strategies.

Our clients often leave feeling inspired to transform their data into works of Art after Luke’s presentations. (Lucky for us!) When Luke is not working he is often telling the rest of us how great he is at everything else… though we are still to see evidence of that!

Sylvain Guillaume

If you thought Sylvain was French, you’d be right! Sylvain brings international experience, panache and leadership to our Hyperion delivery team.

His ability to work through complex financial functional requirements and turn them into clear, system friendly project deliverables is uncanny. In fact, it is almost as impressive as the wine and pate he brings into the office to celebrate his birthday!

Peter Nitschke

We have a saying here at M-Power, “What Peter doesn’t know about Hyperion isn’t worth knowing”. He is the go-to man in our company.

When Peter is not working, he’s blogging about work and when he’s not blogging he is uncovering new features and approaches, using the tools he works with through the day.

We hope his wife finds his knowledge interesting because we do and so do all our customers! He is our bona fide Hyperion genius.

Grant van Dongen

It takes a certain type of person to find structure, control, process, documentation and planning interesting and Grant is just that kind of person – tall, dark and a control freak.

Grant runs the PMO team with a firm but fair hand in his Friday Hawaiian shirt and we love it as much as he does! When he not working, he’s is a diehard MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) and animal lover.

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