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Budgeting and Reporting solutions designed with you for you!

The M-Power Public Sector consultancy team has unrivalled experience working with all levels of government across Australia for many years. Our team understands the challenges that government organisations have when managing their budgeting, forecasting, analytic and reporting requirements and how to layer on the functionality that different government organisations need to run their unique organisation. Our Public Sector Template Solutions provide a complete solution for your needs.

M-Power’s track record at building successful solutions for government organisations means we have the knowledge to transform manual and inherited processes into interactive meaningful data for dynamic user experiences. M-Power’s suite of Public Sector Xcelerate modules include:

By migrating to a flexible, intuitive, and scalable Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, we can rapidly create accurate financial reports for our operational and charitable activities, and deliver to multiple locations remotely online. 
Antony Smithson, St John Ambulance WA

Budget Adjustment

Managing budget adjustments throughout the year is a challenge for all Public Sector organisations.  M-Power’s Budget Adjustment application allows you to keep track of changes in an integrated enterprise budgeting solution.

  • Record new funding allocations from Treasury.
  • Cater for budget adjustments between departments and projects without revising the overall budget.
  • Provide segregated roles for creation, recommending and approving of budget adjustments.
  • Report and reconcile adjustments since the last budget update providing an audit trail for accountability purposes.

Budget and Forecasting

The ability to prepare a forecast is a critical in today’s ever changing environment. A forecast provides an up to date view of how the organisation is performing with the latest assumptions and actual performance to date.

  • Our Public Sector solution allows organisations prepare detailed annual budgets and regular forecasts within the same application providing users with a familiar environment which further enhances the ownership of budget and forecast information.
  • Forecasts can be performed as regularly as needed – monthly, quarterly or on a rolling basis.


This module delivers integrated and balanced Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow outputs along with financial analytics for Actual and Plan data.

  • For Actual – the Financials Module leverages the data in your General Ledger to develop Income Statement and Balance Sheet outputs with drill down to the detail. Cash Flow is derived based on these building blocks.
  • For Plan – the Financials Module derives Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow outputs consistent with the approach taken for Actual.
  • The Income Statement brings together all the detailed operating costs, project revenue and expenditure, workforce costs and depreciation into a single module.
  • The Financials Module includes finance analytics which extend the standard month end reporting capabilities to include visually stunning dashboards and interactive trending and analytical capabilities to dive deeper into your results, develop new insights and make better business decisions.

Workforce Planning

Integrates easily with your existing HR solution to give you the ability to follow a standard workforce planning cycle: analyse workforce, forecast needs, analyse gaps, develop and implement strategies and then monitor and evaluate.

  • Plan by employee, position or award to deliver a complete personnel planning solution.
  • Reference assumptions to derive and manage total cost of employment including Award increases, annual grade / step increases, on costs and allowances.
  • Manage current staff, new hires, promotions and parental/sabbatical leave.
  • Automated integration with your HR system to source employee data.
  • Provides an additional security layer to ensure sensitive salary data is protected.
  • Includes workforce analytics, reporting, ad hoc analysis and visually stunning dashboards that provide profile and statistics of your workforce, analysis of turnover, absences and liabilities assisting you to better manage your culture and bottom line.
  • Mobile enabled, users can plan, review and analyse on their mobile devices.

Project Accounting

The requirement to accurately track revenue and expenditure by Project, Work Breakdown Structure or Task and Expenditure type is prevalent across most of our Public Sector customers.  M-Power’s Project Accounting application allows you to:

  • Assign various attributes to projects for powerful reporting and analytics, such as Project Manager, Region, Budget Category, Fund Source.
  • Map project revenue and expenditure to the general ledger balances.
  • Seamlessly automate integration with your ERP system and other Project Management solutions to capture source data.

Treasury Reporting

M-Power’s treasury reporting solution gives government departments the ability to set up an alternate reporting hierarchy that is designed specifically to suit the needs of Treasury, the solutions helps to;

  • Reduce the manual processes currently in place to map the departments chart of accounts to Treasury’s reporting framework
  • Provides the ability to drill back from the government reporting layer to the agency layer to explain variances

CapEx Planning

Our pre-built Capex Planning module covers your planning requirements from project conception through to approval and execution phases providing a single reference point for budget, forecast and subsequent reporting of actual versus plan throughout the life cycle of the project.

  • Controlled approach to creating new projects for budget purposes.
  • Various reporting classifications e.g. sustaining vs improving.
  • One click to include or exclude specific projects in the Budget.
  • Model leased asset purchases, interest and repayment schedules.
  • Workflow to manage approvals.
  • Automated integration with your ERP and project control systems for Actual data
  • Depreciation calculations for new capital expenditure and existing assets as needed.
  • Dashboard and Analytic reporting capabilities allow you to analyse the risk profile and return on investment of capital work driving improvement in the planning process.

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