Integrated Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytic solutions designed for specifically for the Mining Sector.

M-Power’s Mining Consultancy Team has over 250 years of experience on both sides of the fence.  We combine technology and functional expertise with real world experience to deliver the most complete suite of Mining focused applications on the market today.

Our pre-built Mining Xcelerate Solutions align historically fragmented Strategic Planning, Budget and Forecast processes with detailed Reporting and Analysis to deliver a complete solution that can flex over short, medium and long term time horizons.  See below for details to M-Power’s suite of Mining Sector Xcelerate modules:

Another vendor had been pursuing us for over a year, but M-Power’s expertise, and the strength of its work with Oracle, convinced us that this was the right way to go.
By implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning, we can easily conduct customised analyses that incorporate the latest available results and dynamically configure reports to view our whole business from different angles.
David Sanders, Iluka

Production Planning

The Production Planning module provides seamless integration with your mine planning and operational monitoring systems, from exploration through mining, processing, shipment and sales. This allows you to capture, analyse and report Actual and Plan information.


The Production Planning module provides the option to include and integrate detailed daily and weekly data with monthly reporting as well as analysis capabilities for actuals, budget and forecast data.

Automated outputs deliver many of the figures in your quarterly production report.

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Operating Expenditure Planning

At the heart of our Mining solution is driver-based logic automating the generation of big ticket budget values such as Power, Tyres, Drilling and Blast and Royalties.

The Opex Planning module links to actual data for both dollar values and the drivers facilitating Price, Volume and Efficiency (PVE) variance analysis which is a core deliverable for many of our mining customers.

This module provides the flexibility to extend and adapt the driver-based modelling to suit your organisation’s requirements. Integrated dashboards give access to rich variance analysis giving the operational management team to information they need to drive business change and efficiency benefits.

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Capital Expenditure Planning

The Capex Planning module covers your planning requirements from the long term budget cycle, when projects are conceived, through the various approval and execution phases of the Capex process.

The Capex Planning module provides a single reference point for planning and subsequently reporting actuals versus plan throughout the life cycle of any project.

The Capex Planning module includes:

  • Controlled approach to new project creation
  • Various reporting classifications e.g. sustaining vs improving
  • One click to include or exclude specific projects in the Budget
  • Workflow to manage approvals
  • Integration with ERP and project control system for Actual data
  • Depreciation calculations on all Capital work in progress
  • Dashboard and Analytic reporting capabilities

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Revenue Planning

Profit & Loss is a critical deliverable for all of our clients across Actual and Plan data.

  • For Actual – Our template leverages the data in your General Ledger to develop P&L and Balance Sheet outputs with drill down to the detail. Cash flow is derived based on these building blocks.
  • For Plan – We derive P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow outputs consistent with the approach taken for Actual.

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Cash Flow Modelling

Our Cash Flow module covers Statutory and Management modelling using a Direct and or Indirect approach.  Whilst full automation is desired by most of our customers, manual adjustment options can be built into the solution  if required.  The key to success is to keep it simple and focus on the large/variable items from a cash timing perspective.

A number of our clients have extended their monthly Cash Flow solution to embrace short term weekly cash management in order to optimise near term debt/investments.

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Workforce Planning

The Workforce Module provides mining organisations with the ability to plan by employee, position or group to deliver a complete personnel planning solution.

Users can review their current workforce numbers, plan for new hires and retrenchments as well as manage the outcomes.  The solution references assumptions that are defined by you to suit your organisation needs. This derives total cost of employment including salary increase,  benefits, taxes and FIFO costs were applicable.

Tight integration with your HR system loads actual data facilitating variance analysis.  As you would expect, sensitive salary data is protected through an additional security layer.

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Stock Valuation Planning

Operationally, it is essential to manage stockpile tonnages based on production and sales data. Financially, it is important to assign costs and value to the various stockpiles in accordance with accounting policies.

Our mining clients leverage our stock valuation module for both Actual and Plan purposes in a consistent manner enabling detailed variance analysis for end users.

The valuation approach tends to be largely consistent across different commodities; capabilities include Direct Cost v Indirect Cost, operational overhead allocation, separation of low grade stockpiles etc.

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Maintenance Planning

Maintenance costs are one of your largest value items but budgets are normally prepared in scary spreadsheets that no one understands. Our Maintenance module:

Integrates seamlessly with your maintenance system and mine plan with the option to amend assumptions in a transparent and controlled way.
Projects mobile fleet and process plant downtime and associated costs for scheduled and unscheduled activities.
Projections take into Account near term planning already in place including shutdown schedules.
Actual data is automatically aligned with Budget data to facilitate variance analysis, scenario analysis, sensitivities and what if analysis.
Integrated dashboards deliver powerful analytics to the operational team so they can drive business change and improve outcomes.

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