Pre-built, Higher Education solutions to streamline processes and improve performance.

M-Power is the most experienced Higher Education service provider in Asia Pacific.  Our consultancy team has decades of experience helping higher education institutions of all types address strategic challenges such as, cost management, student load modelling, planning and forecasting, student analytics, research funding and performance improvement.

M-Power’s suite of Higher Education Xcelerate modules provide a platform for success for all higher education organisations. Browse the modules below for more details.

We needed a partner that specialised in Oracle and Hyperion, and who could accommodate the complexities of the university’s requirements, M-Power Solutions has the large-scale implementation experience to tackle a project like this.
Patricia Alner, QUT

Student Load Modeling

Our Pre-built student load modelling solution which will allow you to:

  • Load data and assumptions such as historical student numbers (EFTSL) by unit / course, campus, funding type; fee structures; attrition rates; CGS funding bands and offer to acceptance ratios
  • Empower users to build multiple scenarios and ‘what if’ analysis with their own set of assumptions
  • Deliver information through standardised, automated reports and visually stunning dashboards
  • Enable detailed analysis at any level of data interrogation and analysis.
  • Tight integration with your underlying student management system for actual data

Capital Expenditure Planning

Our pre-built Capex Planning module covers your planning requirements from project conception through to approval and execution phases providing a single reference point for budget, forecast and subsequent reporting of actual versus plan throughout the life cycle of the project.

  • Controlled approach to creating new projects for budget purposes
  • Various reporting classifications e.g. sustaining vs improving
  • One click to include or exclude specific projects in the Budget
  • Model leased asset purchases, interest and repayment schedules
  • Workflow to manage approvals
  • Integration with ERP and project control system for Actual data
  • Depreciation calculations for new capital expenditure and existing assets as needed
  • Dashboard and Analytic reporting capabilities allow you to analyse the risk profile and return on investment of capital work driving improvement in the planning process


  • For Actual – the Financials Module leverages the data in your General Ledger to develop P&L and Balance Sheet outputs with drill down to the detail. Cash Flow is derived based on these building blocks.
  • For Plan – the Financials Module derives P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow outputs consistent with the approach taken for Actual.
  • The P&L brings together all the detailed operating costs, student income, research and other income, workforce costs and depreciation into a single module
  • The Financials Module includes finance analytics which extend the standard month end reporting capabilities to include visually stunning dashboards and interactive trending and analytical capabilities to dive deeper into your results, develop new insights and make better business decisions.

Unit Costing And Profitability

  • Model EFTSL and student revenue on a unit per unit basis
  • Identify teaching, direct and indirect costs incurred in teaching a unit
  • Analyse the teaching costs across Academic, Sessional and Casual staff
  • Model the costs and revenue to identify the number of students required within a unit to drive profitability
  • Multiple modelling scenarios providing What-if analysis
  • Drive insight at an aggregated course, faculty or university level delivering profitability information directly to management and the executive

Research Budgeting And Forecasting

  • Track grants through the application / approval / rejection process
  • Model and phase grant revenue across the life of the project
  • Track expenditure through the duration of the project
  • Constantly evaluate and reforecast project expenditure to project a net deficit / surplus at the completion of the project
  • Model committed costs (both salary and purchase order) for a complete picture of project expenditure at any stage of the project
  • Pro-active notifications for projects at risk of overspend

Workforce Planning

The module gives you the ability to:
  • Plan by employee, position or award to deliver a complete personnel planning solution
  • Reference assumptions to derive and manage total cost of employment including Award increases, annual grade / step increases, oncosts and allowances
  • Manage current staff, new hires, promotions and parental/sabbatical leave
  • Automated integration with your HR system to source employee data
  • Provides an additional security layer to ensure sensitive salary data is protected
  • Includes workforce analytics, reporting, ad hoc analysis and visually stunning dashboards that provide profile and statistics of your workforce, analysis of turnover, absences and liabilities assisting you to better manage your culture and bottom line
  • Mobile enabled, users can plan, review and analyse on their mobile devices

Student Retention Analytics

Our pre-built analytics solution will model your student population to deliver information including:
  • Identify the key indicators that drive student behaviour
  • Understand the impact that those indicators have on your students
  • Identify those students that are at risk of not completing their course
  • Analyse the factors that drive students to continue their education for new degrees / post-graduate degrees
  • Retention information is delivered via visually stunning dashboards directly to a user via PC or tablet
  • Customisable model to be extended with further student information

Student Analytics

  • Profile your student base analysing the key indicators including gender, age, nationality across your course and degree offerings
  • Track students through the application pipeline process analysing the conversion rates through application – offer – acceptance – enrolment – census status with the ability to analyse factors impacting on conversion rates
  • Utilise data from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics to identify how your organisation is reaching potential students locally and internationally
  • Track campaigns through your CRM system to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies

Social Media Analytics

  • Pre-built template to identify and define the structure and detail to include in your analytics (i.e. Facebook pages, Twitter pages and handles)
  • Instantly access information across Facebook and Twitter to understand sentiment and reach both locally and internationally
  • Compare your social media output against comparable organisations that you identify and select
  • Information is made available via dashboards targeted at both management as well as your student and marketing teams

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