Workforce Planning & Analytics

A fully integrated workforce budgeting, forecasting, modelling and analysis solution that will drive collaboration and transparency across your lines of business users.

M-Power’s pre-built Workforce Planning & Analytics solution delivers a best practice model for flexible, accurate headcount planning and analysis, allowing you to:

  • Easily integrate actual data from any HR system, such as; Oracle, Workday, SAP, Alesco, Chris21 etc. with financial data from your ERP to plan, model and analyse headcount, salary, bonus, maternity leave, payroll tax, secondments and hours to deliver a truly aligned plan.
  • Empower operational managers to work collaboratively with HR and Finance to create recruitment strategies that are aligned with business plans
  • Provide Finance and HR with a consolidated view of current and future expenses across the busiiness
  • Easily include a structured, consistent workforce planning process as part of your enterprise budgeting and forecasting process with personalised task lists and powerful workflow capabilities for approvals and controls.
  • Give managers the ability to create and iterate hiring plans aligned to financial business targets which roll up to a transparent enterprise view across the process.
  • Create, manage, and analyse multiple employee budget and forecast scenarios at any level across the business.
  • Monitor performance and variances using built in  analytics and dashboards to  allow the business to easily adjust and update plans and forecasts based on performance to date.
  • Our solution allows you to easily automate the integration of your employee, financial and non-financial data to streamline your employee planning process in a single, collaborative application for actuals, budgets, reports, and analytics.

Our solution lets you accurately and quickly create, analyse, iterate and execute your employee plans with ease.  


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