Profitability & Cost Management

Deliver the insight your business needs to drive informed decision making.

Based on the Hyperion Cloud Service, our solution combines market-leading modelling and analysis with proven best practices so you can:

  • Determine profitable and unprofitable customers and products.
  • Create what-if analysis to simulate how changes in driver volumes affect costs, profit and resource requirements.
  • Provide insight into how costs are built up with easy to use, role specific dashboards and guided analytics giving marketing, management, sales and operations teams the same insight as the finance team.
  • Tie financial outcomes and Key Performance Indicators to strategy by measuring costs and profitability at division, department, channel, customer and product levels.
  • Understand costs and set pricing on an informed basis.
  • Allocate marketing and advertising budgets more effectively.
  • Enable better future planning and optimise the use of internal resources.

Make faster and more precise decisions by getting access to the right information for your role across sales, management, marketing or operations lines of business. Our solution gives users access to the information relevant to their role so they can make informed decisions on processes, revenue growth and costs; across the organisation.

M-Power’s Profitability and Cost Management application models your business activities to accurately measure process, product and customer cost and profitability.  


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