Capital Expenditure Planning

Drive business accuracy and accountability across your capital management planning.

The Capital Expenditure module automates standard depreciation methods, simplifies your capital asset acquisition approach and delivers insight into the impact of capital on your financial statements.  M-Power’s Capital Expenditure Xcelerate Template gives you:

  • Integrated application allows you to add and eliminate tangible and intangible capital assets and see, in real time, how changes alter the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement
  • Consolidate capital expenditures at a corporate level and give operational departments the ability to plan at a more granular level, in one application, to help improve accuracy and accountability across the business
  • Actual versus budget reporting allows you to evaluate capital expenditure assumptions with the ability to drill down to the source systems to investigate details.
  • Pre-built capital expenditure calculations reduce manual processes and give you the ability to analyse the effect of changes to additions, depreciation rates, repairs, and maintenance on the bottom line
  • The flexibility to create depreciation calculations that suit your requirements such as straight line, double declining balances, sum of years etc.
  • Tailored dashboards, visualisations and analytics give users visibility into capital costs, sliced by the segments and asset types

M-Power integrates with our full suite of Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Xcelerate templates to deliver a complete planning and budgeting solution. 


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