Our Solutions

We like to keep things simple for you and for us.

Which is why our research and development spending is focused on building out the functionality we have developed in our industry solutions and functional applications.  Our goal is to provide you with a best practice solution, suited to your business needs, that will speed up your journey to a successful outcome.

We believe that our implementation approach and commitment to working with you to deliver success is the most important part of business.  Our solutions capture decades of development, industry and implementation expertise in a suite of applications that deliver better, quicker, cheaper and lower risk implementation outcomes for your business.

The technology platform we have chosen for all of our applications is the Oracle Cloud Service.  After considerable market research and development, we know the Oracle Cloud Service provides the most robust, scalable and value for money platform on the market today.

Time doesn’t stand still for our consultancy and development teams.  We are actively extending and improving our solutions and encourage you to reach out to us if you don’t see what you need, we are always working on new functional and vertical solutions to make sure we can help, no matter what your requirements are.

Industry Expertise

Every industry has its own nuances, the way they want to display information, the drivers they use to build up their budget or the analysis they need to drive business improvements. M-Power’s Business Analytics expertise coupled with our deep industry understanding of these differences and challenges has allowed us to develop a range of industry specific solutions.


Implementing effective Business Analytics solutions requires a complex mix of functional, technical, project management and change management skills.

Our consultants are carefully selected to ensure we cover this unique blend of skills combined with real life experiences gained on both sides of the fence, most of them have been in your shoes before. Their experience both functional and technical, coupled with their professional, but approachable, hands on style has been a winning formula for all of our projects.

Functional Expertise

There are many factors to consider when you bring together a project team, what is your internal team’s capability/availability? Where you are in the project lifecycle? What is the delivery deadline? All considerations that will shape the type of resource you require for your project. M-Power’s flexible delivery approach is designed to work with you through these challenges. Our expert team of consultants are able to work with you through your requirements to help you achieve an implementation approach that suits your organisation needs and ensures the success delivery of your project.