Support Services

HyperFlex services are underpinned by industry leading ITIL-led best practices, delivered by the same consultants that deliver our projects.

Each customer is assigned a Lead Consultant and a team of support consultants that:

  • Know you, your application and what you are trying to achieve.
  • Are focused and incentivised on delivering an excellent outcome for your organisation.
  • Are guided by best practices and service levels for 24/7 accessibility

This approach ensures you have a solid support infrastructure backed up by consultants who truly know how your Oracle Business Analytics applications work in your specific environment.

HyperFlex Helpdesk is the control centre of our service, customer logs, tracking, interacting and managing all support calls using our helpdesk application:

  1. Support requests: Our team triages requests and categorises them based on the support issue and sub issue. This categorisation process makes monthly reporting more relevant, insightful and actionable.
  2. Service levels: Agreed levels during the HyperFlex set up process drive the activities and customer interaction frequencies. Reporting on tickets raised, issues and sub issues, open and closed tickets, time used and application performance is provided monthly.
  3. Issues resolution: Where product issues are found M-Power takes ownership of the issue liaising directly with Oracle to see the request through to its resolution. Our position as the number 1 Business Analytics Partner in Asia Pacific allows us to access, influence and escalate issues to get to an outcome more effectively than other organisations, it can be a very useful position to be in when product problems are causing real challenges.
  4. Quarterly reviews: We meet regularly with your senior stakeholders to review support tickets, what changes have been made, outstanding issues, planned maintenance work and budget position. This approach ensures we are aligned at a senior level as well as an operational level maximising the investment you have made in Oracle Business Analytics.

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